Any one missing a bird??? please read


9 Years
May 11, 2010
hello, today i was in venice callifornia and i was looking at some pigeons, i noticed one was black with muffs on its feet, pearl eyes, a "bald head" (white on its head) white on its wings and tail, and a pink band. it looked very dirty, and in really poor health. I wasnt able to catch it, as a ignorent child ran up and scared it away. (thats why I dont like little kids...) i didnt get any pics of it before it flew away, but it seemed semi-tame, it would let me stand rite next 2 it, but if i bent down it would fly off.
I saw it at the Pizza place a half block from sidewalk cafe venice LA. thanks.
It looked just like this, but had muffs. (feathered feet) if anyone lost a bird like this, PINK BAND its at venice beach CA. hope it finds its way home
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