Any online tutorials on how to evaluate poultry?

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    When I learned how to evaluate horses, I was actually taught by a judge what to look for. Same thing with dogs. Thank goodness for 4-H!

    But I have no such resource to learn how to properly evaluate chickens. Are there any resources out there that show you (with photos would be great) what to look for? Some of the terms, like "medium length" and "medium size" or "moderate cushion" seem like they could mean about anything--and so many breeds say "medium" but then the breeds look so different from each other!

    I'm trying to educate myself, but I'm getting frustrated.
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    Come on over to BYC's Heritage Large Fowl thread. We are in the midst of mourning the very recent sudden passing of our beloved mentor and thread author, Bob Blosl. However, even now, I know Bob would want you to get the help you need. Much knowledge on your subject in the 15,000+ posts of this wonderful teaching thread. Many experienced breeders and judges, some with over 1/2 century in poultry, willing to help and educate.
    Here is the URL :
    Come on over, ask your questions. It is what Bob would want and as he often said, " Keep kicking the can down the road"
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