Any place to buy day old chicks in a quantity of only 4?


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May 27, 2011
This is my first post and this place has been amazingly helpful.
I have my brooder all set up and I want to start with just a very small flock of four birds but my local tractor and feed store does not currently know when they are getting some chicks in.
My Pet Chicken looks like it might work but it would be next month until they had what I was looking for in.
Is there any other place I can order that will mix different breeds and allow an order as small as four?
I was hoping for 2 Easter Eggers, 1 Australorp, and 1 Buff Orpington but considering how popular the EE are 2 Australorps and 2 BO would be just fine.

You might want to mention what state or area you are in. Maybe if you look up your state in the "Where am I, Where are you?" section and then post your question there you would probably get some helpful responses. I live in southwest British Columbia - so although I know where someone can get a small order of mix & match breeds (I did it myself) - but you're probably not from my area. So, good luck
There is a list of hatcheries on this website, some with notations about minimum orders. When I was searching, the following places allowed small orders: Meyer, My Pet Chicken, Chickens for Backyards, Purely Poultry, Ideal. Some places charge a premium for shipping on small orders, and not all places carry all breeds. Some ag supply places have to sell a minimum of 6. Also note the price differences between pullets, cockerels and straight run.
You do not say where you are located, So not knowing I venture to say if Craigslist is popular in your area, check there. Also check the for sale boards at you local grain stores. I would also check all the grain stores in a 25 mi radius as all of mine are still getting chicks and adding small orders like yours onto their larger orders.

Shipping is outragous on small orders and is very stressful on them. I ordered 10 rare d'Anvers because no one has them, not even the hatcheries and their trip was terriblbe. The box was flipped and they were squished. Some had brain damage and some needed extra care. It was rough

Good luck!!!

I ordered 4 from Meyer hatchery which ended in disaster by THEIR FAULT..( read my post Im putting up in a few moments under Chicken Hatcheries and Breeders),
but takes small orders, has videos of their chicks , and videos from owners of their chicks.

I placed a small order with them a few weeks ago.

There are a few that take small orders, but I chose them after ALOT of research.

Hope this helps a bit.
Hello again everyone.

I wanted to give you all an update since yesterday's post.

After sending Meyer Hatchery an email regarding my 4 baby chicks I ordered..( my fatalities , lack of " extra chicks " I was supposed to get, and NOW, them sending me the WRONG species regarding the COCHIN, and the sex of my last SALMON FAVORELLE ), below is the " conversation " I had with their " customer service"..


On Thu, 26 May 2011 05:18:50 -0400, Dd Claud <[email protected]> wrote:
> AS you have noted, I Did lose a Favorelle and 1 of 2 what were
> supposed to be female PARTRIDGE COCHINS
> Being new to chickening, I've been waiting , Since my order received
> , for my last " FEMALE PARTRIDGE COCHIN" to Sprout leg feathers!
> Well , here we are , 3 weeks later, and NO leg feathers!
> Besides that , I believe it is a ROOSTER!
> I've Had several professional breeders look at her/him , and it's
> believed I might have a Partridge Rock instead !
> He/she is an Extremely sweet chicken( they are pets ), however , but
> now I have 2 roosters now.
> I would appreciate ANOTHER refund for the Wrong species AND sex.
> I Will be calling too, to make sure this is done
> Thanks
> Deirdre Claud

Dear Deirdre,

Our policy on roosters is: you can report those at 10-18 weeks of age. That is when you would know for sure if you got a rooster. So please let us know.

As far as the cochin, I am not sure when they develop their leg feathers. Would it be possible to send us a picture? Cochins are rather large birds, so it may take them longer.

I cannot issue a credit "for the wrong species" until we see a picture. And again, as far as the sex, we do have to wait til 10-18 weeks.

Thank you for choosing Meyer Hatchery.



Wait a moment...

Now, we have to " wait 10-18 weeks " to see if THEY sent me the sex I ordered ??

Where is THAT statement in their brochure?

And if that is the case,

WHY would they have OPTIONS to order MALE, FEMALE or STRAIGHT RUN , instead of offering ONLY STRAIGHT RUN ONLY for the species I wanted??

As far as their customer service person unsure " when COCHINS " start to get their " leg feathers ", WHY doesnt she know, is she Not a representative of their company?

Ive sent pics of my " COCHIN" to 5 breeders who ALL say that Cochins have leg feathering " at hatch".

1 MAIN thing I did learn about ordering from hatcheries, that Veteran buyers have mentioned several times, is DO YOUR RESEARCH..( which i did ), also, be somewhat leary of hatcheries that DO NOT show actual pictures of their chickens, but only Drawings.

I have done extensive research on, and have an order being sent out June 6.

I chose them because they not only take small orders, BUT, they offer videos of their chicks, AND actual owners of the chicks bought from them.

just wanted to be fair and post Their response for Potential buyers at Meyer Hatchery, so they can make a somewhat, educated decision.

My final statistics:

out of 4 babies ordered...

1 Salmon Favorelle Rooster
1 SF hen
2 Partridge Cochin Hens

All 4 had Pasty Butt noticed at the Post Office where I opened the box, BUT was immediately dealt with every few hours once I got them home,

1 had Spraddle Leg and Never Opened his/her eyes and despite placing Hobbles on the legs, and Trying to get the baby to eat,
she/he passed away the next day,

The next day ALSO had a Sudden death of a Cochin hen, despite dealing with her Pasty Butt,

Now, I learn that not only is the hatchery unsure if they sent me a rooster and hen, SF,
but my 2 " Cochins ", ARE NOT Cochins afterall...

Im not sure what my remaining one is, however, she is super sweet and a "lap chicken" tho..

Take care all..
ladychicken&Ducklover :

Wait a moment...

Now, we have to " wait 10-18 weeks " to see if THEY sent me the sex I ordered ??

Where is THAT statement in their brochure?

And if that is the case,

WHY would they have OPTIONS to order MALE, FEMALE or STRAIGHT RUN , instead of offering ONLY STRAIGHT RUN ONLY for the species I wanted??

It's stated pretty clearly on their website and in the catalog I have....

I believe the time period is to be sure that it's a roo, as sometimes it can take that long to tell for sure? Their sexing is ~90% accurate and mistakes happen. So you are buying the sex you order, to the best of their ability. It's not an exact art.

Cochins should have leg feathering from hatch. Mine did. What color was your cochin? I only ask because I had a sudden death of my partridge cochin from Meyer too. Her hatch date was 5/9/11.

Domestic chickens are the same species (Gallus gallus domesticus), but are different breeds.
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