Any Potters out there???


11 Years
Mar 4, 2011
I like making pottery!!!
Addicted actually. I run Whats Next Pottery and Artworks in Wilmington, NC.
I'm not a potter, but my husband and I both love pottery. We have an assortment of pieces around the house that we've acquired over the years. There's a pottery festival every year in Wisconsin that we've gone to multiple times.
One of these days, I will get back to it. I was making and selling pottery (was still taking lessons, then, too), stained glass, and handmade soap when I retired from Gubberment service. Wanted to do creative stuff. Then I had to go back to work, got geese, and my wheel has been used for Other Things. I do intend to get back into it again, once this place is back on an even keel. I hope that if I can eventually get enough out of these geese to replace the glazes that got wasted, maybe I can try it again. I really enjoyed sculpting in clay, but never really got the right glazes to do what I wanted with them. I use peat moss in my brooder room (and left the window between the goose section and my "studio". It was like that for about 18 months. I have a feeling that any pottery I produce in the future will be rather unique! I enjoyed most making leaves, branches, animals, whistles -hand-built stuff. What do you do?
Ive always wanted to make a urn for my parents ashes with my own hands. I dont know anywhere around me that would let me or help me.

I have a few crocks that were made by my mothers side of the family, I think back like 5 great grand parents ago. They had a business of making and selling crocks, pottery and drian tale. I also have 2 flower pots that they made. There are my favorite. I found them at estate auctions, I had to pay almost 200.00 each for them. After doing some research, found out the flower pots were only made for family and employees. I guess thats why I had to pay so much for them, they are pretty rare from what Im told. Im thrilled to have them.
I like to make 'funky' fish, face jugs, bowls, all kinds of stuff. I start out with no plan and whatever it turns into, thats what it is. lol
I made some chickens the other day.
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There's a lady here in Texas that has made some really cute little chickens. It's been awhile. I can't remember if they were just little chickens or salt and pepper shakers. She was throwing them off the hump. They were really cute! Saw them at a sow and wished I hadn't already blown my allotment for Pottery I Didn't Need. I still have a few things around that I haven't even bisque-fired. At least I might. I have a humpback whale that never got bisqued and maybe a squirrel a deer, and a turtle whistle. Still can't figure out how I'm going to fire the whale when I get around to it. (At least I knew where that one is!) It needs to go to cone 6. Makes it awkward. Sounds like you have a taste for whimsy as well! Got any pictures?


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