Any reason why dried grass clippings wouldn't be good to use as litter


10 Years
May 9, 2009
I am new to chickens, put my 8 week olds in the coop 2 weeks ago. I was using a combo of straw & dried grass clippings over the linoleum floor, but I think the straw holds too much moisture (moisture is a big problem this year, what with the daily rain & storms here). Is there any reason not to use dried grass clippings? As long as no chemicals are used on the grass? It would otherwise go to waste.
I use it! I guess you have to make sure it doesn't get too wet... like if your waterer spills or something.. then it could harbor some nasty moisture.
Thanks! I feel better knowing someone uses grass clippings.
My hubbie put a covered wire on the wall to hold the waterer, so they can't knock it over. I just have to be careful when refilling.
My husband likes to put them in his Australorp pen. They eat them and seem to enjoy them. We rake the dried clippings out every now and then and he puts down fresh ones. It hasn't seemed to harm his chickens.
We mostly use pine shavings but when we mow the lawn (it's untreated) I throw a mower basket or two in a heap on the floor of the coop. They eat some and enjoy mixing the rest around.. we keep grit in the coop too so they can eat it without worry...
Patty N. ;-)

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