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9 Years
May 17, 2010
I came home today to find a NOTICE Possible Violation stuck on my door. It says that Fowls are no aloud in city limits. I called and spoke to the police (number on notice). I told the police officer that I received the notice and I had to contact them within 24 hours about the fowl, I informed her that the city code doesn't prohibit fowls in the city (matter of fact there is a provision in the code that deals with disposing of fowl owned by residents) The police officer said the code officer was in the field and would call me right back. I still haven't received a phone call. I double checked the code and it only deals with dogs, dangerous animals and grazing sheep.
I just looked at zoning (I didn't even know there was a separate set a laws). It says I can keep chickens and small fowl but I have to have a min. of 15000 sq ft. It looks like I am screwed. My site is only 8500 sq ft and you have to keep the chickens 50' from any house including your own. Since they don't have any lots in the city greater than 15000 sq ft it looks like they effectively banned chickens from the city. I wish they had put this in the municode (I checked it before I bought them). I wonder if I can argue that my quail are exotic birds (since they are not native to CA) and at least keep a couple of them.
Sorry about that
I find most laws are rediculous with the size of a lot and how far to keep it from neighbors when most city lots cannot accomodate it. Maybe you should start up a group and see about changing the law?
Insist that the code officer give you a copy of the code he is citing you under, or its number so you can read it for yourself. When I was building my goat dairy, I found out that what the official tells you the law is and what the law actually is are often not the same at all.
I got a notice when we lived in town. There was no code against it but the code guys MIL was a neighbor ( like 1/2 mile down the road) and she did not like it so he attempted to bluff me. I had already checked, had the police double check the codes. When I told them they were not against code and I had already checked he then tried to say it was the noise. They don't always have a code to back them up but they think they should so you get a notice anyway.
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Thanks for all the input, the code officer did actually write down the wrong information but after checking the zoning laws the city has zoned chickens and fowl out of the city. I have made arrangements for all my birds, I just hope I don't get a big ticket. It has taken the wind out of me.
Dont take it personal, this all started with pigeons. The law says "no bird within 100' of yours or a neighbor's house". Pigeon poooo will make you sick if you were to inhale the fece dust. I have 10 Mottled Javas, 4 Buff's and 2 "man" roosters from the Mottled Java family and I too worry of the knock on the door. I have yet to discover the noise i keep hearing about.
I agree with the pigeons, a neighbor had some a few years back and released them when he left. They nested on my roof and multiplied like rats. It took me 5 hours to clean up the mess and I had to put up netting to keep them away.
I emailed the mayor and asked to meet with him, he had someone call me to see if he could help. I don't think they will help me but I'm going to give it a try. I already sold 5 of my chickens today. I still haven't heard back from code enforcement. I am going to get rid of the quail this weekend. I'm a little bitter that I am going to have to buy my eggs at the store now and next year the price is going through the roof because of the new law in CA. So much for going green and being self sustaining.

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