Any tips on getting UNPREGNANT?!

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I am so pregnant, and so sick of being pregnant. lol. Early labor started last week and I've been contracting and cramping away little by little since last saturday. I have never been this pregnant before, I had my first son at 38 weeks and a few days, . My insides feel like theyre bleeding, and my hips feel like theyre going to pop out (nevermind the feeling of there being a 10 pound bowling ball "up there" to constantly walk around), i feel like i am coming down with the flu constantly with the hormone changes and the general achey, sicky end of pregnancy bull crap....

I've been enjoying some raspberry tea, fun time, acupressure, walking walking walking walking, and mopping on my hands and knees... and anything else I can think of.

What are your little wives tales or tricks of the trade?

I am officially due on saturday, still progressing... but COME ON!

this is awful but i sure did this..i hopped up and down and ran up the sidewalk into my drs office before my appointment so my blood pressure would be up.. i was a week overdue and i couldnt take it anymore. they sent me to labor and delivery that afternoon!
My father took my mother for a ride on cobble stone streets rather quickly in his 1950's ford pickup to induce her, she was 3 weeks late. It worked or I wouldn't be typing now!
How about just sitting still and counting your blessings one by one. I heard what ever mood your in when your pregnant is the mood your baby will be in during it's teenage years. So if you whine now.................
Tricks only work if your actually ready to birth.
38 weeks is doable, but not ideal for baby. 40 weeks is just the middle date that has been agreed upon.38-43 is the range.
So saying someone is late is really not at all true.

Maybe just relax and stop trying all the tricks.
And you can have 3 cups of RRL tea per day.
You know to do the strong infusion when labor does start right?
Makes birth fast and for many alot less painful
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