Any tips on how to hatch out chicks with a non broody mother?,.,.,,


May 21, 2018
I sadly lost three of my Silver Laced Wyandottes that I hatched last year due to a nasty red mite infestation while I was away on holiday. My poor neighbour had to cope with it all. So moving on , their original mother has now laid a few more eggs and at the time she was broody. For some reason she has lost interest.So I have had no other option than to incubate them myself. Although I would much prefer they hatched with their mother. Last time the smell and mess was a nightmare as they grew old enough to go outside to their coop. They lived indoors in a box with a brooder. Does anyone know of a successful way to get their mother to hatch them herself. I am at day 11 and they are developing nicely.


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Jul 24, 2016
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I don't know of any way to change a chicken's mind about brooding. They are either broody or not. But, your brooder doesn't have to be smelly. I clean mine every day and have no need to use additives. But, I'm retired and have time for that. Other people use PDZ to help with odor. How long do you wait before putting the little ones out in the coop and run?


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Aug 3, 2018
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I use deep bedding in my brooders and I keep them in the garage, not in the house. This works for me but there are lots of folks who brood chicks in a more outdoor setting. There are threads discussing outdoor brooding on this forum if you look for them.


Mar 22, 2016
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I agree with above poster, hens are broody or they're not. I wouldn't give eggs or chicks to a non broody as there can be fatal consequences. My coop is a large walk in so I keep a brood box out there. When I did brood inside I usually only kept the babies in the house for 4 weeks (that seems to be when the 'smell' changes IMO). Pine shavings and daily cleanings seemed to work out fine.

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