Any update on Clovis, CA ordinance-change to allow backyard chickens?


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Jul 31, 2021
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I am new to this forum, and I live in Clovis, CA. I don't currently have any chickens. I have raised them when I was younger, and am interested in raising a few chickens again. I found this forum, when searching the legality of having backyard chickens in Clovis. There are threads on this forum, the most recent from 2018, noting that current code prohibits chickens in Clovis residential neighborhoods. Some people report that as long as your neighbors are OK, that enforcement is lax.

I see there was a news story from July 7, 2020, indicating that the Clovis City Council had voted to study the possibility of an ordinance change, to allow backyard chickens. I see another news story from July 24, 2020, noting that the Council then decided to postpone further action for a year, to allow further study, and to allow the Council to focus on more concerning issues like Covid-19, etc.

It has now been a year, but I don't see any further news stories about the issue. It appears the Council had the support to pass an ordinance allowing backyard chickens, subject to working out the details. Is anyone here aware of further development on the issue?

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