Any use Flickr?


11 Years
Nov 15, 2008
South GA
I had nothing better to do so I debated on whether I was going to make a photobucket account or a flickr account. I chose flickr for no particular reason, but I was wondering if anyone else
uploads their photos to flickr or photobucket.
Flickr all the way

I find Photobucket to be annoying to use, especially when looking at someone else's photos. Flickr is very well set-up, very user friendly, and has a wonderful built in photo editor (if paid for)

Paying for the premium account on Flickr is well worth it too though. I've been a member for several years and they've never caused me trouble.
I've also got over 800 photos on Flickr, too.
That's good to hear. I thought it was faster than my old photobucket account. I think the user friendly part and how fast it was is what made me choose it, plus I can log in from my google account

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