Any way to get them to lay where you want them to?


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Oct 24, 2007
I am wondering if there's any enticement I can add to my nesting boxes to make them lay there . . .


Is there any way I can stop them from laying somewhere else?

Our hens have nice nesting boxes with good, CLEAN hay in them. Lately all but one of them is laying in a corner of the barn where there is no hay and it is dirty and is, in fact, on concrete.

Any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated.

Many folks here use golf balls or plastic eggs in the nest. I know it works pretty well to teach a hen to use the box. I had great luck teaching my buff orpingtons this way. My polish on the other hand will lay all over the place and maybe once a week in the nest box.
Yep... mine too... I put a plastic Easter egg in one of the nests, and derned if they don't hit that nest 99% of the time!
We had one girl who layed in the corner of the henhouse. We put an overturned bucket there to discourage her, and lifted her up into the next boxes several times so she could see the golf balls & fake eggs there. She got the idea within a few days and never laid on the floor again.
My first two eggs that I ever got (I got them this week) were in the nest boxes. I put an easter egg filled with gravel and two golf balls in the nest boxes. The girls that are not laying but are egg squating have been showing allot of intrest in the nests which is good.

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Well, I do have golf balls in the nesting boxes so that's not helping.
BTW, they were laying in the nesting boxes (they started around Christmas) but aren't anymore!
Maybe it's a matter of light, might explain her preference fora dark corner. Are the nest boxes getting too much sunlight now that the seasons are changing? If so, maybe some burlap or something hanging in front of the entrance to the nest boxes may help. That'd be my next guess if the plastic eggs don't work. Good luck!
That might be a good idea. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to do that? Should it cover the whole door, or half-way down? How would I attach it? I have one of those metal nest boxes that are 5 across and 2 high (10 boxes in all). I'd attach a picture if I knew how.

It would work best and faster if you could/would confine them to the coop for a week or better, even two.
They will begin to lay in them (most likely) and will continue after you start turning them back out.
Also, putting the nest in the dimly lite place will work too. Hens do not like to lay eggs in the sunshine.

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