Any1 wanna go in on an order of KC ducklings? Raymore, MO


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Mar 5, 2008
I'm not sure if I'm putting this in the right place, so I'm sorry if it isn't!

I am needing to get a couple ducklings. I can order them through Orscheln Farm and Home, but I have to place a minimum order of 15. I only need 3 Khaki Campbells, so I'm wondering if anyone would like to buy the extras. This is your chance to get NPIP certified hatchery ducklings WITHOUT having to buy more than a dozen of them! I can't order them until I have the others spoken for. I'm not making a profit, if you call Orscheln and ask them how much for their Khaki Campbell ducklings these are the prices they will tell you. Tax is 8.475% (if the order will be taxed) which I got off of an Orscheln receipt.

Female Khaki Campbell (yes, you can order them sexed!): $6.49 each ($7.04 after tax of 8.475%)
Straight Run Khaki Campbell: $4.79 each ($5.20 after tax of 8.475%)

Please let me know if you're interested. You'll need to pay at the time that the order is placed. Orscheln said that it takes about a week for each order to come in, and I want to get mine in the brooder ASAP so they'll be laying by summer. Thanks!

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