Anybody actually have a rooster or two in a residential neighborhood?


6 Years
Mar 16, 2013
Harvest, Al
We live semi-in the country but it is still a neighborhood. There are no loaws telling us we cannot have whatever farm animal we want out here and no HOA either. We only didnt want a rooster we felt there was no need for us to have one...then came the straight run chicks and getting attached to them There are two bantams we know are roosters we want to keep as pets. One is a cochin bantan the other a silver duckwing bantam who we thought was a Leah but is really a Lee (and my 5yr old's favorite bantam too)
So has anybody out there kept a rooster or two with neighbors near by? How did that go? Are bantam roosters super noisy?
we are going through this right now as well and was going to be asking the same sort of question.

One of our pullets ended up being a roo and we were originally just going to have him for dinner...but my husband wants to keep him.

We have plenty of neighbors who have chickens but no roosters...even though they are allowed, so was wondering about the noise as well.
My silver duckwing bantam was really little but he was very loud! I had a couple other bantam roosters and they crowed all day so I ended up having to find homes for them.
I live in a small subdivision/urban area
There's about 20 houses on the street but they're all separated by trees so you can't see any neighbors.
I have two cochin bantam roos and a brahma roo. The batams are high pitched and the brahma is loud but low. After awhile we dont evrn notice them. Kind of like a dog barking.
I really hope it works out for us with these two. My daughter loves that little Leah/Lee and so far this chick has been the most quiet of all the chicks we have so maybe thats promising!!

The cochin bantam is one of a pair of its Mr. and Mrs. Socks...I think Mrs. Socks would be depressed if Mr. Socks had to leave our home.
We have a few other roosters with no names well names like Sunday Dinner and what not as soon as they are big enough to eat anyway.
My hubby wants a rooster also but I'm worried about the neighbors as well. If we get a Roo it would be a RIR, are they loud? He also said it should't be to bad because he will be in the coop in the am and no one will hear him, but I told him it can crow all day long.
A lot depends on if there is another rooster within ear shot. If there is another in the neighborhood he will likely crow more. If you lock them in the coop at night and keep it dark you won't get the 4 am wake-up calls :) During the day it isn't as noticeable with all the other noises. Good luck!!
As a neighbour of barking dogs, the owner may be able to block them out, but the person who chooses not to have a dog (or rooster in this case) will be able to hear it, every darn day.
I have an aracuana rooster who crows from about 7am. I keep him in until 8am and inside his coop he is more muffled. TBH I haven't had any complaints from my neighbours yet but he is not that loud compared to other roos I have had. I had a polish bantam frizzle who had an awful loud, squeaky crow! He had to be traded to somebody!

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