Anybody else doing the Biggest Loser Pound for Pound Challenge?


DD (Artistic Digital Diva)
11 Years
Oct 6, 2008
West Michigan
I pledged back in late December to lose 28 pounds. Has anyone else signed up to do this ?

I decided to start losing weight at the beginning of 2008 so my overall total has been a lot more, but since I started the Pound for Pound Challenge, I've lost around 12. I'm hoping I can lose the other 16 before the May 5th deadline. I've had some setbacks during this time (two illnesses, last of which was yesterday... flu. Yuck.)

The reason I think it's awesome is it's not just about losing the weight, which I needed to do, but for every pound you lose, Biggest Loser donates a pound of food to Feeding America. According to the Pound for Pound Challenge website, "Feeding America is the nation’s leading charitable hunger-relief organization, providing groceries each year to 25 million Americans at risk of hunger". I am sure this year the need is even greater than before. And according to the latest newsletter, people can still sign up for the challenge if they want to!

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