Anybody else have this problem with Ideal?


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Some of you may remember a post I had a while back about my chicks being shipped to the wrong post office. I wasn't sure if I had mixed up the billing address and the shipping address or if Ideal just messed up.

Well it's happened again. I just got the call that my 46 chicks are at the wrong post office AGAIN. And this time I specifically asked for them to make sure it went to the correct Broaddus post office, not Bronson. The post office closes at 3:00. I get off work at 3:00. Wouldn't've been a problem if they had come to Broaddus because it's right across the street from my work. But now I have to drive 20 miles out of my way (more gas money wasted) to go get them and I had to ask my boss if I could get off early so I would make it to the post office before they closed.

Does anybody else have this problem when your billing address is different than your shipping address? I'm so frustrated and they are definately getting a call from me when I get off work.
Yes, give them a call. It is what I do. That is one of the reasons I like Ideal is because their customer service is so good. I never had that happen, but who knows what all might happen over time and with over 4 million chickaroos sent out every year. Good luck, I hope you get it straightened out.
I have never had a prob with ideal. They have always been so friendly and I always recieved my chicks at the appropriate place. It could be the postal service itself. I dont know. I had this happen with a different hatchery before and they sent my birds to Cookeville and that was an hour drive for me
but like I said never happened with ideal.
Other than this one problem I don't have any arguments at all with Ideal. I've loved all the birds I got from them and they get to me very fast and all of them alive. They're only 3 hours from me.

I checked the shipping address on the box last time and it did indeed have the Bronson address on it, the postal service didn't put it there, Ideal did. I just assumed maybe I put in the information wrong or mixed up the shipping address and the billing address and did them backwards and just dismissed it.

But now I know it wasn't my fault because I specifically made sure I put everything in correctly, as well as putting a note in to make sure they went to Broaddus. I'm going to call them when I get off work and after I pick up the chicks just in case there are any DOA. I'll question them first and make sure it's not something on my end but I'm pretty sure it's not.

I almost wonder if it's mis-labeling on the website. Like do they have "Billing Address" over the form that's actually for the Shipping info? I've had a few other problems with their website so this might be it.
I would definitiely call and get everything straightened out for sure. Im sorry you are having problems. It is always somewhat disheartening for something to not go exactly as planned
I'm sure they're going to be very helpful, they always have been.

I don't plan on just calling and acusing but I do want to know what the issue is because I like ordering from them but I won't be able to keep getting off work early to go get them. And what happens when I don't have the money to pay for the gas to go get them? I get down to less than a quarter of a tank and still have to get back and forth to work another two days before getting paid again sometimes and that's just barely enough and then I'll be on empty. I can't chance being that low on gas with no more gas money and have the chicks go to the wrong place yet again.
Not something to solve your address problem, but at my post office, if I knock on the door, they will give me packages before they open and after they close. They are there much longer than the counter is open.

You might ask them about it. Maybe next time you won't have to get off work early.

Generally, they are very happy to get rid of noisy chicks, so they don't mind handing them over outside regular hours.

I pick my chicks up at 7 AM, and the post office isn't open until 9 AM. They call me as soon as they get to the building and I jump in my car and fly on down there, knock on the door, and get my babies.
Like Oregon Blues, I get my chicks around 7 am in the morning. The post office has a button you can buzz them in the back before they open.

I never have liked ordering things right off the internet. If there is a phone number on the website I always call to make the order. That way I know everything is correct. Also good to know that there really is somebody operating a business that I am sending money to also.

I don't know if anything I say helps or not, although I hope it does. Mainly I just like to write stuff. HA!
Ok so here's a little update:

Yesterday before I left work the post office called me once again (1:30pm) to make sure someone had called me and to make sure I knew that they were going to be closed at 3:00. I told them yes I had been called and I was getting off at 2:00 to come get them. So to me this was making sure I knew that I was not going to get them if I was late. After I got to the post office at around 2:30 I explained to the post-lady that the company kept sending the chicks to the wrong post office and that was why I couldn't get there to get them earlier and that I actually had to ask my boss to get off early to go get them. Now she tells me that she's actually there until 4:00 so I could've just knocked on the door and she could have brought them to me. Gee thanks for telling me that now.... She was very nice though and said she had even turned the temperature up in the room because she was afraid the chicks would get cold.

So I got home and checked the box of chicks and find that I am missing every single one of my 15 LF Cochin pullets.
So I call up Ideal and tell them I'm missing all 15 and after they look up my order on their computer or whatever she comes back on the line and says that the pullets were coming from a different source and wouldn't get here until the next day, Friday (which is today). They too will be going to the wrong post office. This is when I mentioned that they had been going to the wrong post office and was costing me money I didn't have as well as having to ask to get off work early to go get the chicks. Yesterday wasn't that huge of a problem because it was thursday and I would only be getting off an hour early. But today is Friday. We are always extremely busy on Fridays and I don't even get off until 5:00. Yet again, the post office closes before I get off work and there is no way I can get off to get the chicks on a friday.

I purposely order so I will get them on any other day besides Friday because of this issue. After I explained everything to the lady she asked if I could hold for a moment. Of course I said yes. When she came back on she said that she was actually the one that had processed my order Wednesday and that she now sees where I had even made a special note about the chicks going to Broaddus. She said she was very sorry and that they would refund the small order charge ($12.00) and the quarter box charge ($7.00) for a total of $19.00 if that would work for me. This was fine because it would cover the gas needed to pick the chicks up.

After checking my chicks again I noticed I only had 5 Polish. My original order was for 10 but they were out of two of the color varieties I ordered so that knocked off 4 chicks leaving me with 6. Turns out they only had one white crested black left when they did the order so that's where the other one went. After checking my invoice I realized they had only charged me for one so that was fine but I also noticed they had still charged for the buff laced polish which are the ones they were out of, and I wouldn't have noticed this if i hadn't been short one polish. lol. We got all that figured out and she said she would credit me back for those as well.

The lady was very nice.

I was able to get my sister-in-law to go pick up the LF Cochin chicks for me at the post office today. I told her to make sure and count every chick as she put it in the brooder and to let me know if there were any DOA. Now for the uh-oh. I got all 15 but 6 are DOA! I have never had any chicks dead on arrival from Ideal. I've had two die in the last order and one die in this order in the days following simply from failure to thrive but never any on arrival. I use Ideal because they are so close to us the chicks can get here very quickly and be stressed less as well as we've had good odds on the cockerall/pullet ratio so far. So I'm very upset about these dead chicks. Now I'm 6 chicks short and they probably won't send me replacements for that few. I know I'll get my money back but I needed the pullets so they would be laying by spring time.

I'm planning on calling Ideal again today and finding out where the chicks came from. I'm not happy that they got them elsewhere without informing me. I have no idea how accurate this other "source" is at sexing chicks either so I may even end up with even fewer pullets for all I know.

I've been so happy with Ideal before this. They've been very good about refunding money for lost chicks and of course the refund this time because of them going to the wrong post office. I guess depending on how they handle this new development with the LF Cochin pullets will determine if I continue ordering from them. I really hope they'll work with me because I really do like Ideal.


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