Anybody got pics of gold laced and or penciled Cochins? Babies


14 Years
Sep 26, 2008
Huntingdon- West Tn
I got four little feather legged brown chicks from Rural King the other week. I can't get my stupid camera to take a pic that can be seen . Their little wings are starting to show a gold laced pattern. If anybody has pics or links to pics of baby gold laced or pencilled cochin chicks I would love to see them and compare what I have. I also got two little NN , but there is no doubt what they are- Little ugly things!! LOL . Ever heard the saying- So ugly their cute? Thanks
Did you try Feathersite it has really good pictures of different cochins? Hope this helps I got partridge cochin chick and found a picture on there that helped me figure out which one she was. So help it helps you too. Good luck Sandy

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