Anybody have trouble out of foxes.

Mike Fuson

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10 Years
Apr 24, 2009
Just wondering if anyone has had trouble with foxes killing chickens during the day? I have a very large lot, atleast 2 acres, and I am finding chickens with their hear and breast gone. Thats all it eats, and then gets another. I have lost about 20 in the last 2 months. I am assuming it is a fox, could be a bobcat, I know that we also have weasels and minks around here too, but not very many. Any thoughts
When I "had" (
) fox troubles, they didn't leave any remains behind. We had a red fox take 6 adult hens one morning. Not a trace of the first 5 were left, we shot him running off with the sixth hen. He had already chewed and eaten her head and neck.

It sounds like you have a Bird of Prey problem to me. Like they are catching the birds, eating what they want and flying off. It sounds like a hawk, or some other raptor, to me. See many hawks in your area?

My son was sleeping in the tent with a friend tonight and a red fox came right up to the tent !

My coop is nearby !

made sure its all secure ! Don't know what to do about letting them out tomorrow ?

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