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May 15, 2011
Hey everyone! Before I post my question, I would like to introduce myself. My names Jason and from Greenville, Oh. I entertained the thought of owning chickens late last year. When I told my wife about my plans she basically rolled her eyes at me (
), but came short of saying yea or nay. I knew I would have to warm her up to the idea. So, I ordered a catalog from Meyer hatchery in Polk Ohio. I was extremely excited when I got it in the mail and I knew the only way I could get my wife to agree is to show her the baby chicks.
(evil grin) I sat her down with the catalog and we went looked at the different breeds of chicks. Of course she fell in love with the silkies and was amazed by the different breeds. I even went online to search pictures of baby chicks and went on BYC to show how people raise their chickens.

Of course within minutes, she fell in love with the idea of owning chickens and began to talk like it was her idea in the first place! haha! So we ordered our 5 buff orpingtons and scheduled them to be picked up on 4/12/11. The day after we picked up the chicks, we were suppose to visit her family in South Carolina. We weren't sure what to do with the chicks, but my clever idea was to bring them along. So we put my car heating pad in bottom of a small box, lined straw on top of the heating pad, and they sat in my wife's lap during the whole trip. Surprisingly, there was enough heat to keep the chicks warm during the drive to SC and they were unbelievably content.

Now, they're going on close 2 months old living in their coop. It's been such a blast raising the chicks. We visit them everyday and let them free-range while we're with them. We have been talking about buying more chicks, but that may need to wait until late summer. I'll post pictures of the coop and chicks later today.

------Now onto my question about web-development.

In today's standards of web-development, my skills and knowledge are completely outdated. Everything I know about html coding applies to standards of the 90s and early 00s. I tried to learn today's language, but it is so complex to learn and makes it hard for me to shake away from the old habits and knowledge of web-developing. I used to do affiliate marketing and did very well back in the day. Lately, It has been hard for me to build a decent, modern website that is functional and also appealing. I lack the creativity for advanced graphic arts of a website. I am only capable of making simple designs and lines. And when it comes to using css and other coding, i'm completely clueless. i don't know what programs that will assist building a website using the latest coding. I am willing to learn, however i almost would rather have someone build one and I can maintain it. If anyone can suggest a program that will easily build a website or possibly have a template or can create one, i will definitely be interested. The current site that i have and still being updated is some of you may already seen an ad on byc. i bought advertising space and i hope to continue support byc. Thank you to anyone who offers help, tips, or just a warm hello!

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Mar 3, 2008
Quote:First of all, welcome to BYC!

Looks like you already have a fairly good grasp of HTML. That's a great start! To get back up to speed on HTML and learn CSS, HTML Dog is a good resource. I haven't read it myself, but lots of smart people highly recommend it.

Next, if you are looking to create more dynamic "web apps" with a database etc (like this forum), Ruby on Rails is IMHO the best out there. Michael Hartl has a really nice book on Ruby on Rails that you can read online for free. He's also got a set of video tutorials (more than 15 hours solid) if you prefer that kind of thing. If you want a real physical book, this one is super awsome.

Quote:I can do the last two items for you. I could probably write a custom template system for you in a week or so (don't worry, I don't charge by the hour
), and provide some cheep and reliable hosting. Alternatively if you want a full-fledged site/webapp, I can do that too. Shoot me a pm if you are interested.


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May 30, 2011
Hi there,
I'm in no way professional, but recently completed a college course in dreamweaver. I would recommend adobe dreamweaver CS5 plus the classroom in a book (for CS5) that accompanies this program. It is a lot of learning, but this is the program that is used for the most professional web sites in the industry, and if you can learn this you will have a top web site (you would still have to find someone to host, as you would with any). It will teach you everything you need to know about HTML, but it also translates the work you do into HTML so you don't need to learn the code, plus loads of clever tricks.
Hope this helps.


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Mar 8, 2009
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I'm currently in school for a dual degree in web and graphic design.

I would love to help but sadly I'm just too busy right now and feel I couldn't devote enough time. Looks like you have several helpers already. Best of luck! Web coding isn't for the faint of heart but it sure is fun once you get the hang of it!

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