Anybody out there? I need help with my Roo's broken leg

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  1. I have tried to get some answers reagrding my rooster Vida Blue.
    He broke his leg friday and I need help in what to do. I put him in a splint and put him in a separate area of the coop.
    Today, sunday, I redid the splint, wanted to see how it looked.
    His leg is limp and he can't put weight on it. We have now put him in a large dogkennel, but still keep him in the coop.
    Should I move hem away from the coop? Maybe inside or into our shed? He tries to walk but needless to say it is not working very well. Sometimes his foot ends up under him turned the wrong way.
    We are pretty sure the leg is broken at the "hock joint" and that is per our friend "the nurse" who came over to help me splint it the first time friday.
    Should I give him terramyacin? Any other supplements?

    Please anybody out there, I posted this very question friday and never heard a word.

    Kindly, Kycklingmamma
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    I'm sorry you aren't getting replies but, most likely, no one knows what to advise. I don't either although I will say, if it were me, I'd take it to the vet's to get splinted properly. If you don't do it right in the beginning, it isn't going to heal. Not sure about the terrimycin either. I would probably give him some to keep infection from setting in. Sorry about your boy. Hope he improves and wish I could be of more help.
  3. thewarriorchild

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    I would give something for infection, and I would make sure it is splinted properly then not take it off for at least a week. Also I would try and make him immobile for as long as possible. Possibly putting him in a sling or in a cage so small he really can not move. I have a soft spot for troubled chicks and am VERY interested in trying to find ways to help them walk again. I would keep him seperate so he doesnt want to jump the girls and stays clam.
  4. tiki244

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    He needs to be in a splint for at least four weeks if it is broken. Keeping him in a small area is best.
  5. Hi warriorchild,

    I understand the thought of not taking the splint off, I was concerned with the splint cutting into his leg, so i changed to wider sticks, I did the splint in straight leg formation, is that correct, or should I have his leg bent at the hockjoint, even if just slightly? We are pretty sure the break is in the hock joint. He can not put weight on the leg and he has it straight out in front of him, almost like a stiff old man, whose knees won't cooperate.
    Is terramycin something I should give him, and how much? I also have tylan 50 on hand, but don't think that could be used for this.
    I read somewhere that I should feed him more calcium, like yoghurt or the like, does that sound like a good idea?
    A sling, is that like a contraption that "leaves" him hanging, ie no pressure on either leg, or what are you talking about?
    I am open to any suggestions, preferable not to cull him. Vet is not an option right now, as money is tight.

    Thank you so much for the few responses, I have bben looking up and down for answers, and any help is so very appreciated, and I know Vida Blue is not ready to leave us, Heck he just fathered two babies last weekend, his first.
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    Warmth helps healing. A heating pad under 1/2 his carrier would be good. Why do you think of infection? Unless there's broken skin... as for length of healing time, 4-6 weeks for sure. You may want a vet to resplint, or your friend to help you. I would put him in a smaller enclosure. "Cage rest" involves not much movement. When I worked as a vet assistant, cage rest would be ordered for weeks at a time when healing from bone surgery etc. Give him greens and the most balanced healing-oriented diet you can. He should be fine with time. Good luck.
    P.S. Vet Wrap is awesome stuff - you can get it at any feed store - used for wrapping horses' ankles etc. Cheap, too. Softer than tape.
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  7. joebryant

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    OMG, just thinking of something like that happening is scarey. I can't imagine what I'd do if my rooster broke his leg, other than rushing him to the veteranarian. GOOD LUCK!
  8. thebritt,
    I don't think he has an infection, no broken skin or anything, I guess I just got ahead of myslef, trying to do the most/best for him. I will move him as soon as I get of this post and get our smaller dogcage, fill it with hay and I guess put him in our bathroom, so our annoying dogs will keep away from him.
    If you think a "sling" is a good idea, I will do that, if not just let him be in the cage small, and confined, for 6 weeks (?) yikes, but hey, when I broke my leg as a teenager, I was in a cast for 6 months so 6 weeks, babycakes, right?

  9. chickensioux

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    On what area of the leg is it broken? Perhaps it is too high up to heal properly without vet intervention. I wouldn't remove the splint too often for fear of too much manipulation of the break could prevent healing as well. Only change it if it is really wet or dirty. I do recommend antibiotics as well.
  10. n sioux,

    I had a friend, a nurse, help me friday, and she felt it was his kneejoint the hock joint, right? She said to splint it straight so we did, but if you feel we did that wrong, I would reconsider.
    Antibiotics, are you talking terramyacin? and if so how much?


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