Anybody out there raising LF RED Cochins?

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9 Years
May 26, 2010
I've been looking for large fowl red cochins and I'm not having much luck. Does anyone have them, or do they not exist?
If you're cool with hatchery birds, Ideal Poultry does sell the LF Red Cochins. I have a pullet from Ideal that's almost up to laying age, but her feathering isn't great and she's more slender than my other cochins of the same age. I have a 10 week old cockerel from Ideal as well and he's looking okay so far. (I checked several other hatcheries - Stromber, Meyer, McMurray - but where reds are available, it's just bantams.

If you're looking for show quality, try dredging through the BYC Cochin Breeders Directory:

Original (2011) thread:

Restarted thread (but I couldn't find/see the actual list, just posts from newer breeders):

I looked at these threads just now and only saw reds listed in the Bantam category, but maybe there's a post that hasn't been added to the list yet. Also, if you subscribe to the threads, maybe someone new will post reds in the future.

I'm going to subscribe toyour thread because I'd also be interested in LF red cochins next season.
I've messaged everyone I could find. I've only gotten a few replies, no one still has them. :(
I had to have some red cochins, so I ordered 10 pullets from ideal!
Hoping to get at least 2 nice ones to pop up from the bunch.

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