anybody raise sprouts to feed the chickens?

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    Dropped by for a visit. was surfing older poultry lit this evening and came across this older article called "Feeding Table" . Read the part about the kale and rape seed. Interesting. the magazine ("Eggs and the Intensive World") is an older one founded to help teach breeders scientific ways of breeding egg layers.;view=1up;seq=176
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    I sprout wheat, barley, milo, and oats for my girls. We built a huge sprouter with pvc and rain gutters like a lean-to with the 5ft long gutters staggered down the slanted side. We feed our 20 chickens and 5 ducks with these grains, sprouted for 5 days (so there's just a little bit of green leaf) flaxseed, sprouted lentils, veggie peelings, and non-kosher fish (we live in FL and fish 2ce a week for food for us and the chickens, we only eat kosher so give them the catfishes, Sharks, and stingrays, and carcasses after filleting, cooked of course!) We add a few scoops of organic layer pellets, so that they are used to them for our occasional weekends away. They are thriving on this combination, and their eggs are great! We also have a very large chicken yard, and we let them out to free range 2-3 afternoons a week.

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