Anybody with live chicken shipping experience I need help!

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    Apr 13, 2008
    Okay I need to ship 2 bantam chickens and need to purchase shipping box where is the best place to do that? Is there anything else I need to get? How do I put food and water? Can 2 bantams go in a large single box? I am so nervous about doing this.
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    Don't stress out , this is no big deal. Go to and click on shipping supplies. Scroll down through the ads and click on one that has adult shipping boxes. The seller should be melonsmore and farther down you will see Matthews Poultry Supplies. Click on that and order your box direct , that way you don't have to win an auction or wait for one to end.
    Check with your Post Office and find out what time their mail goes out. Usually it's late in the afternoon and I try to get there a couple hours before it leaves. No need in making them sit in your local office all day .
    Send them express mail and get the tracking number. Two bantams should fit quite nicely in an adult shipper. As far as food and water go, put in some apple or pear slices so they can pick at it and have some moisture content. Forget the water container !! Spilled water in a cardboard box , think about it!! How would that look , having the bottom of your box fall out and your chickens flying all over some Post Office .
    Make sure you get the bio filters for your box, they are easy to glue in , and its cheaper than buying a box with them already glued in .
    Last but certainly not least, get your box and shipping money up front. I got beat out of 170 dollars shipping money last year and that won't be happenin again !! Go Get Em Tiger !!!

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