Anyone Addicted to the sims4


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Nov 29, 2018
Lets start a TMI thread for the Sims4. List all the crazy things that you do while playing the sims. And please list you sims ea aacount name so everyone can see your creations. I am so Addicted that I have noticed myself being a bit emotional when one of my Sims has a life event. I will not let my Sims die and will cheat death to keep them alive. Even if I use actual cheats to age them down. I will start talking to my fake dog sim that looks exactly like my real dog. All the while my actual dog just sits and stairs at me. And at times is annoyed lol. Probably the worst thing I did was kill a whole family with one cow plant. Sadly it still starved to death. And that made me want to shed a tear. My account name is Loddydoddy30

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