5 Years
Jun 5, 2016
I would like to get started with a small batch. I never raised a quail and read its best to start off with 5. I had someone send me some eggs but it didn't work nothing hatched and my incubator wasn't any good I had to send it back to the MFG. I would like to have a breeder in CALif if possible.
CA Fish and Game web site lists wild/game bird breeders on their website (those with a license). A bunch of people sell eggs/chicks/adult birds on craigslist. Some feed stores (I know Concord feed does) carry coturnix chicks.
I see the Craigslist but i wouldn't mind seeing where and whom they are coming from. Example i went to a pet shop and seen a flow of baby chicken duck chicks and a few looked they where dieing ... I didn't feel about what a saw basically i know chicks will die but it just didn't jive with me.

I'm in Norcal! Way way up Norcal....I've got 17 right now, kind of a mixed bag really, traditional coloring, cinnamon, tuxedo, white, I have photos on Pinterest if you'd like to peek.

I'm going to do a hatch in September and I'd be happy to help you if I can.

They're great little birds and you won't regret getting them!

Best of luck,

How much are you charging and when will they be ready. Will they be ready to be outside.

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