Anyone else Cake Decorate or make Candy??


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Jul 18, 2007
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tomarrow is my daughter jelena's 5th birthday and thursday is mine so i'm up late decorateing our cake to celebrate our b-days tomarrow.
we r haveing a big family cookout on the grill at my parents house with all my siblings, nieces and nephews and some of my inlaws and r haveing it together. so i'm takeing a break from decorateing(had a bag blowout,lol stupid parchment paper) and got to think i wonder who else here does cakes?? i'll post pics when i get it finished decorated it will be a little mermaid cake.
she wanted tinkerbell wich is both our favorite caracter but they didn't have one at the store.
ariel is cute though so she will like it i hope.

anyways i would love to know who else here does cakes and love to see pics of ur creatitions!! i love makeing cakes and decorating them it is one of my fav hobbies as well as candy makeing. unfortunately all of my cake photos r on my comp that crashed before christmas so this will be my first cake to post pics of. so if anyone else shares in this hobbie of yummies as i do please post away i'd love to see what u all make too!!!

edit- this is a simple one i can do caracter cakes, 3-d cakes, wedding and all sorts of things. it's definately not the best i've done but i'm totally tired,lol. sorry pics r not the best they r cell phone pics i can't find my cam. i forgot to smooth the cake before i decorated, oopps,lol oh well she'll never know.


room left for her candles


this is a pearl braclet for her w/ a star charm


this is the ariel toy for her
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Mar 3, 2009
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I was in Cullinary School, hoping to become a Pastry Chef before I moved to Chico, Ca. I put my Schooling aside so I could support my husband through Engineering School, since he will be the bread winner, and I can be a mommy (Some Day). But I love Cake decorating, I made my Brothers Grooms cake for his wedding, I also made 150 Chocolates in the shape of Music notes for their wedding favors. My hubby has made me promise that I will go back to cullinary School once he finishes school, he feels really guilty that I put it off, but really I was just having fun, my dream is to be a good wife and mommy with a small side job to get away once in a while. But yes, I too love the pastry arts!

Good Lucks and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to both of you!


ShowGirl Queen
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Jul 18, 2007
Northwestern, pa
i know what ya mean. my husband went to triangle tech he is a certified welder/fabricator. i stayed home to be a mom and wife also. i have 5 kid's and she is the baby and only girl. next fall she will be in school so i'd love to further my education too. just can't make up my mind what i'd like to do yet. i will post pics when i start to make easter candy too. i got some new molds a few days ago so i'm looking forward to it some r roosters and hens. i've never had to make candy for a wedding yet i bet that was really cute!!


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Feb 8, 2009
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I graduated culinary school almost 10 years ago. I worked as a pastry chef in Birmingham, AL before getting married and becoming a stay-at-home mom. I've done wedding cakes as gifts for my friends and even did my OWN wedding cake. Yeah, not something I recommend...
Getting married at 11, at 9:30, I was still covered in icing.
If you can think of a cake, chances are I've done some variation of it. I never did take pics of the cakes I created in my Birmingham restaurant days, but I sure wish I had. Lesson learned! I now photograph EVERYTHING I create, no matter how simple. It's great fun and I love doing cakes for my children!

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Apr 20, 2008
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Hello, here are some of my "works of art". Cinderella was a pain, I hate doing faces. I have 3 kids... May, June, and August is my baking season. Each cake takes 2-3 hours (it would help if I had more than 2 tips for separate colors.) I clean each tip after every color (what a pain). This year I am well prepared with extra tips and bags! I would love to do this for a living.





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Dec 24, 2008
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If anyone is interested in classes for cake decorating you should check at your local hobby shop, like Hobby Lobby if you have one. They usually offer the Wilton cake decorating classes. There are three levels. Plus other types for fondant and candy making. I took the Wilton classes and now I get to make the cakes for guys I work with for their birthday. If I don't they wine
. It can be a lot of fun. I just bought a chicken cake pan on ebay.

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Jul 1, 2008
I may be the only guy to post on this tread, but I am secure enough with my manhood to say that I really like baking and decorating cakes. I have done both of my kid's cakes for every birthday since they were born. I will post some pics of them when I have more time to dig them out of the archives, but here is one that I found that I can share.

I did this cake with the son of friend of my wife's. He is a cub scout and this was a father son bake a cake and she is a single mom so I stood in as his dad for a day. There were many categories and we entered best boy scout theme. We won best of show



The neckerchief buttons and badges are made of fondant and the beads were gumballs. I used food coloring and my airbrush to decorate the badges.

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