Anyone else come across disturbing stuff on YouTube?


11 Years
Mar 17, 2008
Northern NY
My husband and me were looking up videos of friendly and attack squirrels since over at his friend's house one kept coming up only 2 feet away. We were pretty sure it was just curious cause it was little and his friend said squirrels can be territorial. We wanted to see the signs of territorial or if it was friendly and just wanted to jump on us. Well I seen a video thumbnail on the side suggesting similar stuff. I don't know how it could be related but I hurried and told my husband to shut the page down cause I couldn't stand to see the image and had to tell him what it was or he would of clicked back to see why I was disturbed so much by it. It did involve a snake so you might not want to read anymore after this sentence. I don't have much problems with snakes since I like reptiles and have seen videos of them eating before which didn't bother me but just from the picture and title it was gross. The title said "snake eating live bird". I won't go into much detail cause I don't want to disturb someone out to much. This was a pet snake by the looks of it. The picture had a front view of the snake with its mouth open and inside it was a live baby chick that looked scared to death. I prefer if pet snakes were fed a dead animals instead of a live ones but know that some people prefer to feed live. Most snakes usually suffocate their food first but the snake looked to big that it probably couldn't bite onto it and wrap around it. Another thing that I couldn't stand to think of is that bird probably wouldn't even fill the snake up so it would be like giving a dog one bite of food which would be a waste. That isn't the first time I came across stuff like that while looking up videos that aren't even related to anything that I was looking up. Am I the only one that has this problem with their search? I've come across videos that you had to sign in and be over 18 to view when it was even anything that should have that but the videos that don't have that are usually ones that need it. Sorry for my rant but I seen that yesterday and kept having thoughts of it all night.
All the time. Im amazed at what can be found on youtube. Normal natural things animals do is turned into a 3 ring, x rated circus, pole dancing lesson, and just gross things in general. No wonder some kids think that this filth is normal.
They should have a feature where the videos that should be for 18+ can be reported in if they aren't set to login to view to help weed them from popping up. I know image searches are similar like google. Can't do a rooster/chicken search without some rated x stuff coming up and that is with the safe filter on.
I hate videos like that. I cant stomach that stuff even though i like reptiles and all animals. it is kind of like the lion attackign the gazelle, i feel like hurling when it comes on and I cant watch it.

and one of my friends posted a video of cops going too crazy knocking down a suspect and breaking their leg on her facebook page this am....ew. sooo not clicking it.
This is more disturbing than anything on YouTube.

Just sayin'

I agree. I was looking something up the other day and ended up with something about Koreans and dogs. I won't go further but it has seriously disturbed me ever since and I didn't even watch it, just read the info on it.... I could have NEVER watched it....
I have unwittingly fed chicks to snakes (had 2 get into my brooder and 1 into my button quail pen and killed every one of them)
This is more disturbing than anything on YouTube.

Just sayin'


lol, yeah it probably is. I will admit that I watch the medicial shows sometimes even while eating that are on the Discovery Channels like the tree man, elephant man, mermaid girl, and conjoined twins. I mainly watch them cause I'm curious and if they are being treated I want to see how they are doing. However I can't watch anything like that on the Animal Planet (SPCA shows) while eating but a lot of those are from people treating their animals poorly.
The sad thing is, Youtube doesn't censure those videos, but when certain advocacy groups tried to put up videos, Youtube rejected them as being "too controversial".

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