Anyone else ever had a rooster do this?


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Jun 7, 2010
Our little Cinnabun, an EE bantam roo was very quiet. Until yesterday. We had given away his nine noisy brothers the night before but we kept Cinnabun, who is beautiful and WAS quiet.

Cinnabun popped out of his home to find himself the king of the yard, the lone male with 7 little pullets. It took him a while to believe this was really true, but when he did, he reared up to his full height (about 10 inches) and let out an amateurish EEER ERRR OOOO!

This startled him so badly that he fell over backwards! I wish I had recorded this moment!

Recovering quickly from his embarrasment, he proceeded to crow without falling over. What a little guy!

Unfortunately, now that he is NOT quiet, we probably will have to rehome him with his brothers.
my wellie has discovered his voice as well..he hasn't fallin over but he does plant his feet just right, puffs out his chest, sticks his neck out a few times (i guess to get it just right) gets a look in his eye like he's concentrating then lets her rip!!! still sounds like broken horn but watching him prepare for it will make you think he's going to blow your eardrums away!!!
They are funny arn't they?
I have witnessed this kind of thing many times and always makes me laugh.

It is also funny when their crow seems to get stuck on a note, like they can't stop it.
Check out this little dude:

Bad enough that the poor young fellow needs to hone his crowing skills, but here he even gets laughed at by a bunch of girls!!!

I'd nearly wet my pants when Mr. Banty Pants would try to out crow my rescue meaties. They'd crow then he'd crow-it was like listening to a rooster version of dueling banjos! Then Mr. Banty Pants would either pretend he found the most delicate morsel for the hens or he'd attack the other roosters. Since the meaties had poor vision they couldn't tell where the attack was coming from and they'd run to me for support. Mr. Banty Pants wouldn't mess with me and would leave the area with a final squeaky crow.

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