Anyone Else Getting Rn Eggs Now?

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    Mar 2, 2009
    Darnest Thing..... Last Weekend 1 Of My Breeders Laid An Egg---- Ok So 1 Of The Girls Is A Late Producer..... But Now Both Pens Are Producing Eggs And At Least 1 Of The Girls In Pen 1 Is Acting Broody--- The Total Egg Count So Far Is 4 For Pen1, And 2 For Pen 2. Each Pen Contains Mature Trios Of Ring Neck Pheasants. I'm Stumped. Anybody Have Any Experiences Like This? Only Thing I Can Think Of Is That I Put Them Under Artificial Light 2 Wks Ago When I Moved--- I Have Coturnix And Bobs That I Wanted To Lay During The Winter, So I Placed Them On Timed Lights ( Dusk + 8 Hrs) And Since I Am A Single Dad With No Help I Often Times Have To Feed After Dark, So I Just Rigged The Feeding Lights To My Timed Lights As Well. Has This + Our Cool Weather Set The Girls Biological Clocks Off? Couldnt Tell Ya If They Are Fertile (yet) Havent Seen The Ladds Performing Their Usual Duties....
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