Anyone else have chickens that squat for their dog?


9 Years
Sep 3, 2010
I have a 10 pound mutt that all of my 7 month old chickens squat for. Since he is an older dog with no hunting instinct, (made obvious when we have had baby birds fall out of their nests and all he wants to do is sniff and then run and bark at us) he is regularly out where the chickens free range. I was a little concerned since when they fight he would bust in and growl and snap at them. But never actually bit them. About a month ago I noticed they had all started squatting for him. Every time my daughter sees them she bursts into giggles at the thought of what the babies would look like.
That is one funny looking rooster! How funny... The other day when I was checking on the girls (from outside their fence) I kind of scolded one. I said get in the coop, it is cold and rainy out. I must have said it in my "I mean it" voice, because she squatted right down! I LOL!
Too cute.

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