Anyone else have daydreams about having their own little farm?

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    You know how all us city/backyard chicken farmers with limited space "fantasize" about being able to sell our eggs and grow fresh produce and become working hobby farmers and make a living at it? (Yes, we understand it's just a fantasy... but you know what I mean.) My DH and I are always talking about what we would name our little farm/ranch if we were ever able to buy property and how we would label our eggs--what would our brand be? We come up with things like L & J farms (our initials, duh), Bawk Bawk Farms, Moreganic Farms (because we're not 100% organic, but we're MORE ORGANIC than not... we're ... MOREGANIC! {feel free to groan now{), and stuff like that.

    Well, our first flock of girls are named Bertha, Felipa, Rhoda, Juanita, and Martha... and we recently acquired 3 chicks, 1 of whom is a 5-week-old pullet we have named Olga.

    So I go to my husband a couple of days ago and tell him that I have had an epiphany and that I have come up with the perfect name, and I have even written it up on a little sign. I hold it up and show it to him. It says: "Endinay Farms". He looked at me with a puzzled look and said, "umm... ooookaaayyy..." I quickly answered the question obviously looming in his eyes.

    I smiled big and said, "Because all our laying hens have names that end in A. End in A. Endinay Farms." I thought he was gonna fall out of his chair.

    We decided to go with that one.
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    Very creative name for your farm, I like it! [​IMG]
    Keep dreaming of that farm and one day it will happen, if you can dream it, you can achieve it. Thats exactly what I did. I was living in the city raising my chickens, I had 28 at the time but it was anything but profitable. I sold my piece of the city for an acre in the country in the agriculture zone and slowly but surely, have expanded my little homestead to be a profitable little hobby farm. I breed and sell chicks and ducks, my eggs, I make and sell compost and compost tea, and I raise my own vegetables for my flock. I am now considering to raise meat birds and more scovies as I have alot of folks egging me on to do so. [​IMG]

    My little hobby farm is self sustaining which also allows me to share my excess with the food pantries and soup kitchens for the needy. My little hobby farm is dubbed, "Chicks R Us", but the R is backwards. The labels for my compost and bags of manure that I sell say, "My poop dont stink" with a pic of a chicken doing the poop deed. I havent gotten to the point of making a living out of it yet, but one day will be there. [​IMG]
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    I have a farm name even if I am stuck in suburbia. It is Carbon Mountain Farm. As far as I am aware there is no Carbon Mt. There is the Carbon Glacier on Mt Rainer and the Carbon river that comes from the glacier. But having a farm name keeps the hope of a farm alive. I would farm besides chickens, goats, rhubarb, and walnuts. I am fairly sure that these are crops that I would be fairly good at. [​IMG]
  4. OH Yeah. I refer to them as the Some Day Plans (yes, capitals)

    At least once a week one or both of the kids say "When we move to the farm...."

    Currently it's mostly Horse nudges from DD... but DS (12) is nudging in the "I can drive on the farm right?"

    I told him maybe a Gator. [​IMG]

    He gets to drive tractors, back hoes, dingos, gators, etc up at Dad's work so this isn't a huge stretch... but he can actually reach the pedals/levers AND see over the wheel... doesn't quite register that he can't do both in a car yet.
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    I dream of moving out of the house going to college and finally buying my first house (which will have to be on a farm). We'll see how long it takes me to get there. Let's see six years of college (want my masters in teaching) and maybe like 20 years to be able to get a loan and things in this economy lol!

    so let's add this up.... 3+6+10(let's say that unsarcasticly)=19 years. . But the bright side is I'm NOT getting married so I will more cash than the married people with kids, so this may happen for me at 30. I don't know though my aunt and uncle were 27 when they bought there house, I was 7. So who knows I know that I have one of the longest waits on this thread LOL
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  6. I have the means to have a small farm now, it's all about finding time and convincing my husband it's a good idea now!

    We live on three acres (More than enough to have a little farm) and we have started a berry orchard. We have 12 blueberry bushes, 6 black berry and 6 raspberry, and about 10 or so strawberry plants out back. A good start!

    Next year we have plans for 4 - 16' by 4' raised beds to plant a large vegetable garden in. We also will hopefully have chickens that lay by then, and we have also thought about keeping a couple for their meat! In the next couple years we will be thinking of raising pigs for meat. (I used to help my family farm raise pigs when I was younger... so I know the ropes [​IMG])

    Plans to build a barn in the way back is yet in the far off future me thinks...

    with a 10 month old baby, and plans to have more we shall see if it ever comes to fruition! I am hoping and praying it will!
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    I used to have daydreams about having my own little farm. Now I have nightmares about having my own little farm. [​IMG]
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    All the time...elaborate, well-planned dreams. I've even located the farm I need...and its for sale... for a measly $695,000. Chicken feed! [​IMG]
  9. Quote:[​IMG] Ain't that the rub?

    Is it the snakes/scorpions (have experienced those TYVM)... or maybe it's everyone you know descending since 'you've got room and extra food"... or is the one where you're in dark smelly place... and they realize your birds revolted and buried you alive in the compost pile?

    Note to self: Carry a big ol' maglight at all times...
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    Yes I do, I dream of having more land, I now have an acre. I would like to raise and sell chicks, ducklings, rabbits and eggs. I love my chicks, ducks and bunnies so more would be great. Some day it will happen. When I retire it would be a great hobby and bring in much needed extra cash. I wish all of you the best and happy farming. [​IMG]

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