Anyone else having a broody party???


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Mar 24, 2009
Burnsville, Minnesota
Well there is a major broody party happening in my coop-no eggs for days now. One momma hatched out chicks and is busy being a great mom. Did they all get clucky from hearing the chicks? I wonder if that happens.
I have 4 hens (4 chicks)

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Apr 24, 2007
North Florida
I have three hens in one coop two fo them have hatched babies. Doodle my blue cochin has a 6 week old chick now she has decided she is going to go broody again. No way I chased her off the nest again today. She only started laying again 2 weeks ago. Isis has her chick and has just started laying as well. So no more broodies in that pen!!!


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Mar 8, 2008
Eaton, Colorado
I thought it was just my coop!!! I have 3 broodies!!!!!!!!!! Lucky for me I have 3 young hens that are just starting to lay so my egg production hasn't changed much. However, now it is getting hot so they will probably slow down anyway.


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Dec 29, 2008
Orange County, New York
I have a broody party but not by choice.

-1 semi-broody Silkie (she never really goes broody, just hoards the eggs at night and refuses to roost. But morning she's normal again.)

-1 broody Brahma bantam (I have sucessfully broken her every year but this year she refuses to break.)

-1 broody Jap (smallest hen=smallest eggs, but they were the best ones. They never had any meat spots or blood spots.)

-1 broody Muscovy duck (I miss those big eggs. Oh, and suddenly she has become a biter.

I only have one broody-breaker and it's being used (not successfully, I might add) by the Brahma. I don't need chicks! (I just keep telling myself that...

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May 19, 2008
East Bethel MN
Both my "bearded ladies" (EE bantams) went broody and are sharing a box together. Then Pearl my white leghorn went broody, few other hens are lingering aruond like they will be soon. I gave in and gave all 3 eggs but just a few. I am going to try and let them raise their babies with the flock instead of taking them out this time. The 2 EE's have 3 eggs each and the leghorn has 4.... 31 eggs in the bator due to hatch next week as well
Anyone need chicks? lol


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May 26, 2009
Washington, Georgia, USA
Hehe, broodiness is very contagious!

We started the spring with NO broodies, and by, I think it was May, we had only 1 broody. (Alpha, banty mix). Alpha hatched her chicks and then Little Red Hen went broody. About half way into LRH's incubation we had a R.I.R. (Tammy) go broody. But she got guinea eggs so she had a longer wait. Then Dove went broody..Then one of our black hens went broody. (She has no name yet) She did fine for the first week and half or so, but then she started messing up. She started with a dozen eggs. She lost one when I was picking her out of the box (It was my fault, I guess the egg was 'stuck' under her wing), somehow one got moved to another box for a day so I took it out, one she cracked, and another got moved to another box and it was at least a day before I found it. So until this morning she had 9 eggs, but I checked her today and I saw a nicely formed chick out of it's shell, dead, in her broody box!!! Her babies are due to hatch on the 22nd, I have yet to investigate it any further but I'm just so annoyed that she could somehow kill one of her babies so close to the hatch date. (And she had a special batch, all blue or green eggs.)

Anyway, back to broodies..Alphas mom is broody, no eggs for her yet though. We're waiting to get some Silkie eggs. And I think one of our purebred Columbian Wyandottes is broody. (First time having them go broody)

So that's a total of..6, maybe 7 broodies so far. We have a fairly large flock so we're still getting 10-14 eggs a day. I'm not concerned about our egg production, I'm just concerned about not having enough cages for all these broodies once they hatch their chicks. I may have to let some of the hens raise their chicks in with the flock.

I don't mind broodies in the spring and summer, but I won't have any hens going broody in the late fall. Too risky raising babies outside during the cold months.

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