Anyone else having trouble with hens laying elsewhere?


Sep 25, 2015
Currently spring has brought egg laying and my own of my Cochin bantams has it set that she is going to make a nest and lay under the roof (I live in an earth contact aka underground house pretty much),and she won’t stop going there!We have been back and fourth putting her in the nest box giving her eggs,maybe will just have to shut her in there till she lays!She seems to maybe be laying and gathering eggs to hatch?Maybe letting her collection add up.This will be her second spring laying she is somewhere between a year and half and two,lost age,but regardless she is young and went broody once before.Ugh,stay tuned and will see who wins this war.
I have been struggling the last month! I just want to say I share your pain. Yesterday there were rogue eggs and of course all the ones not in the nest box lately have been broken! I made them a new additional nest box and modified several times and they hate it and refuse to use it! :barnie
I built all the banties an entire new cage,so no more free ranging for hen unfourtently
So I raked out all leaves and even locked her up in the Hen house,she just sat around calling,never laid not an egg,guess we both lose then.
Had to plans to separate them anyways.Here is their new pen.
now really new but they live d in as chicks.
their also able to breed peacefully without Zeus my New Hampshire coming in bombing,maybe I’ll even let them have babies

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