Anyone else perpetually tired?

Discussion in 'Random Ramblings' started by kodiakchicken, Jan 9, 2009.

  1. kodiakchicken

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    Apr 18, 2008
    Kodiak, Alaska
    I figure this is about the biggest, least judgemental audience I'm going to get to ask this question. Are any of you just ALWAYS tired without any apparent reason?

    I am and it's been like this for years. I can remember going to my doctor even before my daughter was born and telling them how tired I am. It's not a physical tired so much as a mental tired. My mind and head most of the time just feel like I need to lay down and take a nap. But when I do the naps don't make me feel better.

    I'm 36, female (for those of you that hadn't figured that out!), have a happy family life and good social life. My health is good although I'm probably a good 60 pounds overweight. But even when I was thin I felt like this. I go to the doctor regularly, have had my thyroid tested and everything else. I've taken vitamins in the past although I can't say they ever made me feel any different.

    The only time I can say I feel really awake is when I'm outside doing whatever activity has taken me out there and it has to be on my time. The earlier I have to get up the crummier I feel. Getting up before 6am actually makes my stomach hurt - even if it's for an activity I love. Unfortunately, my employer is completely unflexible and won't even consider letting me work 9-6.

    Any ideas, suggestions, solutions? I'm so tired of feeling this way! I'd say I've felt like this since I was 20 or so.
  2. debilorrah

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    Could be chronic fatigue. I think I have that but most doctors say it's all in my head and to take a vitamin.
  3. redhen

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    May 19, 2008
    Western MA
    ooh..i am!...have been for MANY years also....had all the tests done..etc...same here..just feel very tired all the time! i just wanna lie down again...after i have only been awake for 2 hours!...the doctors had no answers for me either....[​IMG]....i know i'm not depressed..i still enjoy life..etc., happy in my marriage, dont understand what it is either!..BUT..i DO know that its something physical....i always wonder about that cronic fatigue syndrome...if its real or not..maybe i have it?...UGH!..i dont totally understand you!...[​IMG]..
  4. swampducks

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    Feb 29, 2008
    Barton City, MI
    sounds like chronic fatigue to me, too. I had it diagnosed way back in 86 I think? back when it was brand-spankin' new!!! The doctor actually treated me with prozac which did help though I wasn't clincally depressed. You could ask him about that, it's very hard to diagnose except by ruling out everything else since being tired is a common symptom for tons of things.

    Do you have any muscle aches that go on all the time, too?
  5. Wifezilla

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    Oct 2, 2008
    Get your vitamin D level tested. Bet you a duck egg it is wicked low.
  6. Knight Hawk Ranch

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    Oct 19, 2007
    Labelle, Florida
    I have had fatique for years now.

    My chiro who is also a nutritionist put me on vitamins and said that my adrenal gland is not 'working right'.

    Apparantly, this is your source of energy. He put me on an 'adrenal' supplement, however it made me sick to my stomach. I noticed that it has several of the B vit in it along with some other stuff.

    So I bought B complex from the grocery store. It does help me when I remember to take them everyday.

    He also said that a once a day vitamin is pretty useless after several hours. Any excess that your body does not use is urinated out. So you need to take a vitamin 2-3 times a day to get continued benifit.
  7. I've been feeling that way for a while now (I'm 26). DH is always complaining about how I'm always tired, too. He even says we should name the farm "Sleepy Hollow" just because I'm so worn out and tired all the time! I'm actually going to my doctor on Monday because of my tiredness (along with several other symptoms that have me concerned that it may be hormone-related).

    I don't have any advice for you, but I'll be watching this thread because maybe something posted here will be helpful to me. Also, maybe my doctor will tell me something that might help you, too.
  8. Sissy

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    Jul 18, 2007
    Sevier county, Tn.
    I too have had that oh so tired feeling off and on untill i went to an Endo cronglist cant spell. lol
    Because my doc told me my thyroid
    was fine..and i dont need vitamins well I didnt like his answers.
    he called my doc and told him to give me thyroid. 20. mg a day after testing me..and im feeling much better and I do take Vit-b-6 every day. but i do take an hour or so nap when ever i can Lol
    I need that beauty sleep..
  9. mychickensrock

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    Oct 2, 2008
    Raleigh, NC
    Let me preface my answer with "I'm not normal". I say that because I have had 3 brain surgeries. I used to be tired all the time. I'd get up at 7 am, be up a few hours, take a 2-3 hour nap (I have an awesome husband), get up then be totally ready for bed at 10 pm. Thought it was my seizure meds, but no. For some reason, I do not sleep well. Like I don't make it through all the cycles normally. Lack of sleep does bad things to me... seizure activity. So neurologist put me on Ambien. LOVE IT! OMG I sleep so good. And now I'm not tired during the day. DH greatly enjoys it when I don't get in bed soon enough and start hallucinating. I say and do really crazy things. I rarely even have to nap anymore. Anyway, maybe you aren't getting quality sleep at night.
  10. kodiakchicken

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    Apr 18, 2008
    Kodiak, Alaska
    Wow! Thank you all for posting so quickly!

    Although I wish nobody had to feel this way, I'm glad it's not just me!

    I've only heard of chronic fatigue once or twice and no doctor has ever even suggested that's the problem. All of them fixate on my weight without considering the fact that I felt like this even when I was as thin as they want me to be!

    I am on an anti-depressent (celexa) that they put me on after DD was born - not for sadness as much as wildly fluctuating moods. I've been told I could probably go off it but as dark as the Alaska winters are and as crazy as my schedule is, I think it's better to stay on it. However, the last time I mentioned I was tired all the time to my doc she upped the dosage of my anti-depressant and that was it!

    Wifezilla - I am sure my vitamin D is low now (try to find someone in Alaska who doesn't have a vitamin D deficiency in the winter) but in the summer I feel the same way and I'm in the sunlight all the time.

    Redhen - I am soooo like that on the weekend! Feeling like I need a nap after I've been up for 2 hours. I HATE it! Wes is always worried about me but I tell him it's just how I am.

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