Anyone else want to get ranty?

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    About thermometers? :he

    I'm on my 5th thermometer. I tried hatching eggs a week ago and they all died from fluctuating temperatures. I installed a big bi metal wafer thermostat I got at a feed store. The wafers don't sit perfectly level....does this affect its performance? There is a bit of a "wobble". Not that it spins....just I was turning it before I installed it and it's got tilt to the rotation. So if that's an issue....more :he

    I don't have a car (or phone at the moment) so I walked about 6 hours last Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, looking for a bimetal thermostat. Checked literally about 10 different places and finally found the one and only one available in my city apparently, at a feed store. I am SO hoping the wobble isn't and issue.

    Then as far as thermometers.... Oh my. Lol





    So...what now? Lol
    My head hurts from greeting the wall repeatedly. (Not literally lol)
    All of these thermometers are unsatisfactory. The little aquarium thermometer was 3-5 degrees too low. Can't really test the la crosse for temperature accuracy. The Oneida one doesn't have decimals, my fault, but is also known for being inaccurate. Accurate thermometers aren't reliable either.

    Any ideas where to go from here? I'm trying to avoid online purchasing unless I have to because I'm on a bit of a time crunch...but I guess I can rush ship something.
    I was considering an analogue incubator thermometer from farm innovators that actually has a spot for 99.5 right on it. Any known accuracy issues with that one? Even if there is...I can test that one and account for the difference.

    I would also like a better little probe thermometer that isn't so terrible. I made a wiggler with a hallowed out and sterilized egg filled with aloe gel and set in the incubator for a couple of hours.
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    Here's how I tested my thermometers for accuracy. Chances are they are all bit off different amounts, so just note what they are and take that into account as you make readings. I made a chart recording the differences so I could easily tell what the readings really were during incubation.

    Good Luck!

    The thing you want to do is check that any of thermometers and hygrometers are correct by testing them against a known criteria.
    Comparing devices is useless unless you know how accurate any of them are.

    I used a candy thermometer tested in boiling water and noted how far off 212 degrees it was...or whatever temp water boils at your altitude.
    You can check your boiling temp at altitude here.
    Then put the candy thermometer and 3 others in the incubator during the test run and compared them all, noting any differences.

    I made a chart noting all temps and made notes about if this one reads this temp it is actually that temp.

    Hygrometers can be tested by putting 1/2 cup salt and 1/4 cup water in a dish or jar and mixing it to a slurry.
    Put the salt slurry jar and the hygrometer next to each other in a sealed plastic bag.
    After 8-12 hours the hygrometer should read 75%...again note and differences and you're set.

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