Anyone else with Idea Cube Cages?


10 Years
Apr 15, 2011
Decided to make some for our Elops. Could not be happier with them so far. Came out to about 75 bucks total for both cages. So far they have been easy to clean, and I love how you can personalize them for each pet. For example, our male has a side opening door, but there is a top door for our female. The platforms are a bit different for each rabbit too. We can also join the two cages together if desired, and they are on wheels which has been so nice for ease of moving and cleaning! So tired from making these though. X) They are mainly feed/water/litter stations as the rabbits have a lot of free-range house time. The high-backed litter trays, made from storage bins, have been the biggest help keeping things clean so far. They keep hay and poop inside, and our male can no longer, er, overshoot onto the floor.

Photos are for the male only, as the female doesn't have her platforms in yet (she was just spayed, and I don't want her jumping around too much). One of our cats decided she wanted to live in there too:

Door Open

Door Closed

Anyone want to share their rabbit set-ups or idea cube cages? How has clean up been for yours? Have they lasted a long time? I sealed the wood and then the linoleum with polycrylic, so I'm hoping that helps.

And yes, he is wearing a collar. I know a lot of people say rabbits will die with them on, but I've never had a problem with this kind. The clasp is so easily triggered to break away (not the typical buckle, it's a bit different) that it falls right off. The bell helps locate what mischief these two are up to, and helps keep them from getting accidentally stepped upon.
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They're great
Most people use "C&C cages" for guinea pigs and rabbits, though they can work for other pets as well (hedgehogs, big ferrets, etc).

I have them for my buns myself
When they're all bonded they'll be free range in my house with no cage though.
You did a great job! Those are really nice. What lucky rabbits you have, to have all that space. I love those wheels!

We made a C&C cage for our guinea pigs when we had them. It gave them a lot of room to run. I always thought they'd work great for rabbits, too. Our last rabbit had the run of our spare room, with a baby gate in the doorway. His cage door was always open after the first week we had him. He used it for the litter box and eating. The rest of the time he ran, played or napped out in the room.

We let him out of his room, too, but mostly visited him in his room, since we had a pack of dogs in the house at the time. We didn't want him accidentally getting stepped on when the dogs were younger and rowdier. Plus, the rest of the house wasn't as fully rabbit proofed as Hank's room was. We usually only let him out into the rest of the house after we had put the dogs to bed at night.
That's awesome Fawkes and Potter! Would love to see photos of your cages and buns.

Red: Thanks! They have a ton of helpful tutorials on using storage cubes for caging online, and a ton of much more elaborate set-ups to look at. Even I was able to put something together after looking through some photos. XD

Woodlandwoman: Ah man, I am so glad I sprang for the extra money for some wheels. It makes clean up and relocation so much easier. I have to finish rabbit proofing our main room. All those wires make me so nervous.
That looks great. We have C & C cages for 2 of our guinea pigs and 2 of our rabbits. What is your floor made of? I really like the way you did the platforms, and the litter pan. Think I will work on another one for the other 2 guinea pigs. They love to climb but the cage I have for them is hard to clean.

I got my cubes from on sale last year around Christmas. Guess it is time to look again for more.

I also used the cubes to make a temporary chick pen on my front porch earlier this year. I love how versatile and portable they are.
Wow! That is awesome. I have a C & C cage for my guinea pigs. I have heard of people making larger cages for rabbits but haven't seen very many. Very creative!
I use one for my quail (one, whom was hatched and raised by me, so he's very tame). He's usually only in it on cold winter nights, but I love how customizable they are!

I absouloutley adore your cage, BTW.
What is your floor made of?

Oop, sorry, missed updates on this. I made the cage tops first, then measured them. I took those measurements to Lowe's and had them cut me some cheapish wood to size, but added an inch to each side so the bottom would stick out farther than the wire top to help prevent the rabbits chewing on the edges. Painted the bottom and sides of the wood with black acrylic paint, but left the top unpainted so I wouldn't have any issues with it peeling under the flooring. Used minwax polycrylic sealant, two layers, on the top, bottom, and sides of the wood. Layered those adhesive squares of linoleum (actually much cheaper than buying it off the roll, and easier to replace if one little part is damaged) on top, and used a box cutter to cut them to fit the wood. Hot glued them to the unpainted top part of the wooden platform as the adhesive wasn't as strong as I wanted it. Added two coats of the polycrylic sealant over that. Attached five wheels (one in the middle) to the bottom. Used a staple gun to put in staples where the wire cage top would lay, then ran cable ties through the staples and around the wire top to fix the cage top firmly to the base. The bunnies really love the platforms...especially so they can hop up on them and beg for food and to be pet. XD​
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