Anyone ever have a hen that comes when you call her?


10 Years
May 26, 2009
I have been raising chickens for a bit over a year now and have 40 hens at this point. I have some that will come around for treats, I have even had some that would hop up in your lap when you sit down, but none of them ever really like to be picked up. I have one naked neck that will follow me around and beg to be picked up. I call her name (ferdy) and she literally comes running. I reach down to pick her up and she sort of hunches her back up so I can get a hold of her. I pick her up and she just sort of settles in. I can pet her head, her neck, her body, whatever she doesn't flinch or pull away or anything.
I have noticed she is a little less attached to the flock, she sort of just does her own thing and they more or less leave her alone.

Is she just a little "off" in the peanut?
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We hatched eggs this spring and my 7 yr old DD has a Cockeral (EE) named "Chipy" that will RUN to her when she calls him. It is so funny and he is HUGE! He is taller than her knees and only 3 months old.
BTW: this is Ferdy!
my NN is the same way - first one to meet me at the gate, follows me around the yard, likes to be petted. She used to be on her own a bit, but now the other 3 follow her around.
I have a couple hens but my Roos are my most lovingest.

My most responsive is my EE Roo - Marilyn. He RUNS to see me, I can call him from a different part of the yard and he will get as close as he can to me. In the morning he dances around me while I pet and love on him.

I also have a Bantam RIR Roo - Woodstock - who runs to see me, knows his name and loves to be petted or sit in my lap.
Last year one of my black sex links mottled and she looked awful.the rest of the flock picked on her terribly so I started calling her sick chicken and I would let her out all day if I was home to free range she stayed mostly in my garden un the rose bush or lilac tree digging for stuff and was quite happy then I would put her back in at dusk with the others so she would be safe.In the morning I would call sick chicken you want out and no matter where she was she would come running.I made her a little run with a truned over metal trash can for her coop for when it rained so she could be by herself.By the end of summer she was so pretty with her new feathers.And I see she is starting lose feathers again but so far no one is picking on her.
My chickens come running from all parts of our ground when I call "Chickens". Truth is they used to be given treats when I initially called them, but now they will run over anytime that any of us shout them.
It is really funny, particularly the big Brahma roosters who thunder along the path looking like they are wearing trousers and boots!
Many of mine will come to their names, even the roos. Most seem to know their names. Several like to be picked up, one demands it. Another will not go into the coop at night if I'm outside. She waits for me to pick her up and put her in. If I'm not home she has no problems going in on her own. She has the most personality out of all of them. Often knocks on the front door to get me to come out.

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