Anyone ever have to trim duck nails


Sep 25, 2015
Ok so I was sitting outside and noticed one of my drakes toenails was beginning to actually grow into his foot!
I haven’t ever heard about trimming ducks nails but looks like I’ll have to.Neber have ever even came across it or heard of it,maybe it’s something that should be addressed,maybe us duck owners don’t honk about too much,so that is why I made a thread for it.

Anyone else have this issue?
If you feel the need to cut his nail I'd have someone else hold him for you and using an animal nail clipper cut it. Just make sure you dont cut the quick, this can cause bleeding. I dont own ducks so I've never experienced this but I do know how to cut smaller animals nails (I have 2 ferrets that I trim every other week). I think smaller nails are thinner so they shouldn't be too hard to cut. However I'm not an expert, this is just my opinion :)
His nails are very skinny shouldn’t be to much of a job.I use a pedi paw dog cutter.Its basically sand paper on a motor and files the nails down without any problems.Ill probably end up doing it alone anyways (I’m fairly good at multitasking).
Whatever works for you, I just figured ducks might fidget a bit during the process and having someone hold them might help them not get injured. Glad i could help
Wow, you learn something new every day. For some reason it never even occurred to me that ducks would have toenails. :oops:
Also something I had just never really thought of before I got ducks but they can be quite sharp. I guess i was just thinking of cartoon duck feet, lol.
Thank you for the post I had been thinking of trimming my ducklings nails...tiny little razors attached to their feet :)
Ive never had to do mine, they seem to keep it well worn down (although sometimes they break it on something somehow :oops:)
however if its growing in, it definitely should be cut. Id personally use a very sharp scissors or clippers, its what I use for wabbits and my little budgie. but whatever you feel comfortable with is fine, Im just agreeing with the need to cut them ;)
Yes I used it this morning on him with no problem.Have not held them in forever forgot how hard and strong their wings really are.

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