Anyone ever use pascalite clay for spider or insect bites?

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    I don't know where to post this, but a good friend of mine called me yesterday with a spider bite issue on his foot. (He thinks it was a brown recluse because he keeps catching them on sticky traps) He wanted to know if I had any words of wisdom. He did not want to go to the ER and get antibiotics or treatment. We made a poltice of aloe leaf juice and pascalite clay and put it on the bite area overnight. It is a "drawing" clay and pulls out toxins. I know it works because I have used it on numerous bites from hornets, wasps and bees. It works beautifully. One year my son was covered in hornet bites, his head was grotesquely swollen from multiple stings. I packed him in the wet clay and by the morning his face and head was back to normal.
    Well this am, he reports no more itching, no more pinkness around the fang marks. He says he has no pain. I will keep you updated on the progress.
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