Anyone given up on the chicken “tractor”

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    Oct 6, 2017
    Each year, this time of year, when the weather starts turning warm(er) [live in the mid-Atlantic states] - the husband hauls out the chicken tractors, revamps them, then tries to convince the chickens to leave their winter coop [a converted lean-to double stall] to spring/summer/fall in the tractors [we have 20 chickens, 10 per tractor] which gets moves all over our 4 acre pasture.

    Now, our chickens are free range in the pasture during the daylight hours. They simply are in the tractor over night. Our pasture is fully fenced and netted. Nothing in or out.

    I’m tired. Tired of the tractor. Tired of the fact the husband thinks these things are mobile because he’s twice my size and he can move them (I cannot, or it’s darn difficult). Tired of rehoming the chickens into the tractors.

    Anyone tried this tractor idea? Any success? A design of a chicken tractor you adore?

    Or, has anyone tried and given up?
    Of course, giving up means I continue to clean out the winter coop every other day instead of moving the tractor around to distribute the droppings.
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    Jan 8, 2017
    Hi. :frow
    I don't have a chicken tractor, but I am interested in them. I have seen videos of rickshaw type chicken tractors and they are supposed to be light weight. The video that I saw, he put it out in pastures too.
    There is a guy in this area that makes aluminum framed tractors. Those are pretty light weight. It seems like there are a lot of people who have them as I see them in yards and fields as I drive by. But, I have often wondered how to get the chickens in and out of them.
    Do you have pics of your tractors?

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