anyone got weird names for there chickens??//

If you consider Boss and Wooton then yes I have weird chicken names!
Brunehilda (Died crop bound), Clemintine, brindabella, (I saw this on a message site and thought it would be agood name for a chiken it is feed) Ami-dawn a guinea fowl (she died thought kidney faliure) ithica, esmeralda, Silver Raven, Rooster Spot, rooster Chookster, hen Big Fat Hen, half and half, and no name,oh and my first rooster Stinky he did! but maybe because he was on his way out and I didnt know it his comb was turning black and he didn't act right holding him his head would just go back so we ended his life and got a nother one SAM he is the second one had the first one 2 weeks and SAM is now about 10 or 11 I would say, and still reproducing figure that out.

I have more rabbits then chickens and have more name for them, I don't like normal names

I have a Jersey Giant who we named Red (short for Rhode Island Red), an EE named Chipmunk, a few chickens who have names that are spices: Nutmeg, Cinnamon, and Ginger, a Barred Plymouth Rock who is named after a fairy on Sleeping Beauty (Merriweather), and another Barred Plymouth Rock, Matthew, who I was almost positive would be a rooster, but turned out to be a hen.
Captain Janeway - Red Sex Link (she runs a tight ship)
Black Broody - Black Australorp (went broody)
No Neck - New Hampshire Red (volunteered for freezer camp)

I also have 7 meat birds in my tractor
their names are:


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