Anyone grow Chards?

Mary Of Exeter

10 Years
Apr 10, 2009
Rowan County, NC
Just wondering. I would really like to grow some but have never had experience with them. I hear they can withstand lower temps than a lot of other plants. How long does it take from planting til it is big enough to start harvesting? I'll be feeding it to my birds as a treat so I'm not too concerned about waiting til a certain time to get a certain taste. Any other information would be great!


Flock Mistress
12 Years
Jan 1, 2008
Swiss Chard? I grow it. Just off the top of my head I would say it takes 6weeks to start harvesting, maybe 8 weeks at most. If you cut the stems them they will grow back. Do successive plantings. And I am pretty certain they can withstanf 40* weather if not cooler. I am going to try and push the envelope this year and try to extend my season as long as possible. Kind of an experiment to see which ones live through lite frost.

I love homegrown chard slightly cooked with homegrown onions and a bit of cheddar cheese in a homegrown egg omelet.
Oh Yeah the chickens love it too. They also like tomatoes on the vine.

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