Anyone had luck hatching shipped eggs?


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Mar 26, 2015
I wanted to know has anyone had luck on hatching eggs that are shipped to them? Any tips you could give me please am looking at doing this if it would be worth it.
It will depend on your postal zone. I lived in a dead zone and would be lucky to hatch 3 of 16 eggs. You wont know how your eggs will fair until you try it. Even good shipping areas people feel lucky if they get over 50% hatch rate. I'm in a new location and trying a batch of shipped eggs as we speak.

Tips to aiding the hatch are first and foremost purchase from someone known to package well. And second is to let them rest when they arrive for 24 hours. Place in egg cartons fat end up and leave alone to settle, don't tilt them just let them settle for that 24 or more hours time.
I've had a bit of success with shipped eggs. I'm only on my second batch, and my first batch went through some power outages and cold. My last hatch I ended up getting 4/10. This one is looking more promising.

I let them rest on the counter for 24 hours to let them settle. They tend to have detached air cells. When they go in the 'bator, I either put them in the turner (which is off) or a cut down egg carton (sides trimmed down, hole in the bottom of the cup) to keep them upright. I don't turn them for the first 3 or 4 days in hopes that the air cell stabilizes. Then I plug in the turner or hand turn them in the carton. Some people lay them on their sides, but I've left mine upright.

They can be tough, so don't be discouraged if you don't get a good hatch rate with them.
Good luck :)
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It's risky. I just tried incubating shipped eggs, and 0 of 9 hatched. Only 1 made it to lockdown, and it pipped but failed to hatch. (4 of 5 non-shipped eggs in the same incubator hatched fine.)

I used all the precautions for shipped eggs - letting them rest for 24 hours, keeping them upright in the incubator, gentle tilting, etc. Most of the air cells were detached; only a couple were saddled.

I think if shipping includes any air travel, the depressurization in the plane's cargo hold almost guarantees the air cells will be significantly damaged.
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I bought 11 bantam eggs off ebay last year and hatched out 8 chicks (first time using both a new incubator and a few eggs were under a broody).

The eggs were well packaged, got 11 eggs and only one had a detached air cell.
The shipped eggs in my new location seem to be fairing well. Of the 22 set I'd taken out an infertile and early quitter on day 10. Did a quick spot check of 4 eggs last night and all were doing well with the twitching of life. Being shipped I'd still feel lucky if I got 70% to hatch even though I believe all 20 left are developing. Just the way it is with shipped but will say "Location, location, location!". Compared to my last zip code, which I call a dead zone, this batch of shipped eggs is wonderful.

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