Anyone have a soaker hose recommendation?


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Apr 24, 2013
Denton Texas
I've probably blow through about $100 worth of cheapo black and decker soaker hoses. You know...the black ones that are in every hardware store and garden center. They seem to be very fragile and keep breaking. I tried to make my own drip system out of PVC but it seems there is not enough water pressure to reach the end of the line and my trellis plants are dying off and the plants near the hose hook up are downing. Does anyone have a recommendation on a good sturdy soaker hose that will last more than one season and leak evenly or an alternative method that will prevent the pooling/ drought I am getting with my PVC?
This is a very timely & should prove interesting, as it is decision time for me also. I have about 1,200' of Fiskers soaker hose that I need to start to change out over the course of several years. Although it has lasted many years, the replacement hose & fittings are expensive & in time will no longer be available. I was considering switching to T-tape on level ground & pressure compensated emmiter tubing in other areas.

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