Anyone have African vs Chinese pics?


Apr 29, 2021
Spokane, WA
Title says it. I'm trying to determine if my 3rd hand geese are African vs Chinese. I've read the threads here and other places about the difference, but most say 'bigger Knob than Chinese' or 'Chinese have longer necks'. The 2nd owner says the 1st got them from the feed store so I'm guessing they are purebred something.

I'm leaning Chinese. They've got:
Long swan-like neck with smooth feathers
Big, rounded single-lobe knob
No dewlap
A tummy bulge. The hen has a very distinct V between her legs.
Overall svelte. They don't look heavy like the super-africans do.
The gander has a very pretty orange eyeliner, which I've not seen in any pics.
I also have some white Chinese (so said the feed store) teenagers that are bigger than my brown hens, but still smaller than the gander. And tiny dewlaps -- which adds to the confusion since I thought Chinese didn't have dewlaps.
Also 2 other brown hens, one of which has a white chest so I'm assuming they are mixed. I can't tell the non-white chested hen (#3) apart from hen #1.
Very friendly to me. Yell at strangers. (Chinese are friendlier?)

Would weighing them be a good indicator since African are a heavy breed? Or is the breeding all mixed up now and who knows even if they are from supposedly pure stock.
When it finally stops raining I can try some close ups for ID. This was in a previous thread and might work for now:

I can see why you are confused. I probably would try weighing them. I'm leaning towards Africans. The whites look like emdems. Sorry I'm not much help.

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