Anyone have any spare eggs?


5 Years
Apr 27, 2014
I have a incubator.I'm trying to hatch some new birds but I lack eggs. Any bird eggs would be appreciated. Thank you for your time!

Welcome to BYC!

What breeds are you looking for? You can check your state thread to see if someone locally has the eggs you are looking for...

And you can also check our Buy Sell and Trade section for breeders as well...

Good luck with your hatches and we welcome you to our flock!
I'm looking for any kind of chicken,duck,or goose.I was trying to get some free eggs but if I have to I'll buy some.
Hello :frow and Welcome To BYC! TwoCrows gave you some good links to check out for eggs. You might also try your local Craigslist etc and see if anyone has eating eggs available that might be fertile..
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