Anyone have experience w "urban chicken" coops


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Hello! I found some coops online that are significantly cheaper than a lot of the coops I have found. $400 for one that fits up to 6 chickens. It's made by I believe? They come disassembled so I'm sure that's some of the savings but was wondering if any of you have used them and pros and cons. Thanks!! :)
Hi. I am also looking for a small urban coop that will be predator proof but doesn't cost a fortune. I saw your link to but it didn't work. Do you have the correct url for that site? I'd love to see it. Thanks.
Here are some things I've noticed in researching building my own coop vs. getting ship-to-build-at-home types.

If you are handy, even a little bit, building your own would be the way to go. It will last longer and be stronger. There are so many cool plans online as well!

With that being said I purchased a build at home kit online with the intention of beefing it up to keep it secure for a couple years hopefully.

The wood on these kits tend to be really light, latches and sometimes hinges are not the best quality. For mine, I will be replacing a lot of the latches, painting and waterproofing the exterior, putting hardware cloth on the bottome of the run. All told will cost about $400.

In a couple of years I plan on building my own, but I want to really take my time and plan it out properly. I have 2-day old chicks in a brooder right now, so no time for lengthy planning :)

Good luck with your decision!
I found my coop on craigslist. It was 350 for the coop, run and delivery. Check out craigslist, we had lots of options there.
I have noticed that when you read the dimensions of some of the ready made coops they won't actually accommodate the number of chicken they claim, At least not comfortably. Same with some of the books I read while designing my coop.

Just something to think about before you buy.
Ask what your local high school woodworking class could build with $400

Outstanding Idea...

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