Anyone have peachicks for sale in FL?

Discussion in 'Buy Sell Auction - Archives' started by kray, Jun 20, 2008.

  1. kray

    kray In the Brooder

    Mar 21, 2008
    I'm looking for someone that has peachicks for sale in Florida. Anyone???
  2. chickenzoo

    chickenzoo Emu Hugger

    I know a couple of people here in North fl. I believe one guy ships. Not sure prices, but around $30 -35 for IB I think, not sure about other colors right now. My peahen is not laying at the moment and I only have one chick. i can find out for you if you'd like .[​IMG]
  3. goddinfla

    goddinfla In the Brooder

    Mar 7, 2007
  4. Florida chick

    Florida chick Songster

    Jan 19, 2008
    HI, I am in Jasper,FL... The USPS won't ship now in our state its too hot. Against the law...
    BUT I have 4 more Blue Indias for pick up $30 each. thanks Kari

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