Anyone heard of treating dogs with Tylan Injectable??


11 Years
Jul 18, 2008
Rockwell, NC
I just had to buy this gigantic bottle of Tylan for a tiny bantam rooster with a URI. Its a 100cc bottle and in the course of Butch's treatment we'll maybe use three cc's.

My doberman Gretchen constantly gets urinary tract infections. I worked at a vet up until about a year ago and before I left I bought a huge bottle of Keflex for her because her doctor knows this is an ongoing problem for her. I'm about out of that though, and I think she's gearing up for another UTI based on the concerned look she just gave me as she was OUCH!

Anyone ever heard of using Tylan injections for this purpose? And if so, dosage? Gretch's a little over two years old and healthy as a horse besides this. Weighs around 60 lbs, all legs!
Thanks! I needed a bump
If she has ongoing problems, I'm guessing the UTI never went completely away. I'd take her back to the vet and not use the Tylan. She may need something stronger and for a longer amount of time.
Like I said before, I worked for my vet for years...She's been worked up and down and side to side. There's no food allergies, and it does clear, it just reoccurs. I've spent thousands on her trying to get this figured out. And, I make my dog food now for the past six months, boiled chicken, rice, and peas.

She was on deaths door when we adopted her from the shelter at 4 weeks old, they had been forcing the puppies to eat hard food at that age so she pretty much had no nutrition. When we opened her up to spay her, we discovered she has major internal issues, everything was fused together inside, we never could find her ovaries. The doctors assume she was so close to dying and had such poor nutrition she did not develop correctly, or it could just be birth defects, we're not sure. My doc actually took pictures of her insides to show at a veterinary conference because they had never seen anything like it! Because of this, we've always assumed it had something to do with her reccurent UTI's.

So, basically, I'm stuck treating the symptoms.

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