anyone in MI have japanese or Cubalayas?

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    Jan 11, 2010
    Kalamazoo, Mi
    :barnieHi all! I had a small flock with 3 polish, 4 silkies (fuzzy's my daughter says), and 5 easter eggers. Unforturnetly 2 years after first aquiring my chicks, I ended up losing them in my divorce. However, I'm now married again [​IMG] and we're looking for a house. My new wife dosn't realy understand my holding out for a place I can raise a new flock, but I'm sure she'll come around, especially since she wants room for a garden. She'll find the chickens a real asset there...I hope. Anyway, I've been lurking here for a few weeks trying to get chickens out of my system. Not doing so well. I really miss the charm of having my "roaming yard art". Plus after having REAL fresh eggs, its very hard to go back to store bought. Am I the only one that finds these bland? At any rate, I'm trying to find someone or someplace to get some day old chicks. I would really like a few different breeds this time as well. I really like the variety and different colors. I'm thinking Polish, Silkies and easter eggers like before. Plus maybe Cubalayas and Japanese this time. What do you think? I live in SW Michigan and I'm not sure the Cubalayas and Japanese will take the cold. They will all be free-range. I just love watching them roam the yard.

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