Anyone in NJ want to split order of chicks???


10 Years
Sep 17, 2009
Kendall Park, NJ
Hi I'm located in Hunterdon County and would like to place an order for chicks soon, but don't need the minimum of 25 birds. I'd only like to get 5-10 chicks. I was wondering if a person(s) would be interested in splitting an order? I've ordered from McMurray before and no fatalities, but am open to order from other companies too.

Thanx all!
Hi, I'm located in Hunterdon county, not far from you and am interested in spliting the order if offer still is available. Need to know what hens you are planning on ordering, and I need hens, no roosters!
You could also order from Ideal Hatchery they don't have a chick minimum just a minimum of $20 I've had great success with them no fatalities.
anyone here still interested in splitting an order?...I'm in Allentown, PA, but my parents live in Flemington (hunterdon county). I'm interested in ordering with Nature's Hatchery...please let me know!!

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